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Product Description

As soon as you become aware of any event or potential situation leading to a worsening of your customer’s financial position you must notify us via our online system. This must be done at the latest within 30 days after the invoice due date.

The price indicated online is all inclusive of the insurance premium (including insurance tax), and the service fees.

EasyLiner is a strightforward credit insurance policy that protects you against unpaid invoices from home or abroad. It is specifically designed for companies with a turnover up to €7.5 million and is avalable online.

All your domestic and international customers could be covered, unless we give a negative opinion on a customer, or due to them being associated to your company, or being a government owned company.

In case of dispute, our cover will not be cancelled, but it will be suspended until you and your customer agree on the amount due. If you would like to protect your cash position during this period, you should subscribe to a specific option in your contract.

The price is set according to your turnover, your profile (including industry sector, number of customers) and options which you select. You can obtain a price online by selecting, within a few minutes, the level of cover to meet your needs.

We will apply an insured percentage to the covered loss which was granted on your customer and deduct the amount of excess written in your contract, like for any insurance contract.

EasyLiner has been designed in a straightforward way, especially adapted to the needs of small and medium sized companies. You can receive a quote online, obtain support at any time and have a customised contract sent to you in a few minutes.

During the quotation process or when reading your contract, a dedicated telephone line is available to answer your questions.
Once your contract is signed, your commercial contact will give you all the details necessary to set up your protection. 

Experience of defaulting companies shows that even the customers that you think you know well can get into financial difficulty and stop paying your invoices. It is therefore necessary to cover your portfolio of customers without exception to reduce your risk. However, turnover with associated companies, government owned companies or private people is excluded from our contract and our basis for pricing and the cost to you.

If we collect more than the amount of the claim you received, we will pay you the difference, up to the amount of your invoices if we achieved full recovery.

This is a difficult question as it depends on your customers and your industry sector. However, to avoid binding you into a contract which you may judge disappointing, we have included an opt-out clause: if ever our percentage of cover does not reach a minimum of 65% you would be free to give terminate the contract at any time.


Our website www.coface.be provides free analyses on country risk and the business environment of most countries around the globe.
Our online tool provides detailed information on country risk.

We will not tell your customers that you have insurance when contacting them to update our information, or if we do we will ask for your prior approval. You may decide to disclose this information as a sign that your invoices will be chased actively in case of late payment or as proof of sound business management.

Adding a 'loss payee' endorsement to your contract can be done at no cost after signing your contract, based on your bank details.